Product Design

Product Design is a lot more than an idea jotted down on a napkin! The products we design go beyond required function. They should make the consumer smile. They make the competition say “Why didn’t I think of that,” and they help to position or reinforce the brand.

All product design at Gamil is grounded with a knowledge of engineering. In fact, we are often hired to go beyond the design phase and take the project all the way through engineering, testing and manufacturing sourcing. If our client already has engineering capabilities, we work with the engineering department to ensure a smooth transition from drawings to production samples.

Design: We specialize in Consumer Products, Sporting Gear and Accessories, Technical Equipment, Infant Products. Gamil Design reviews and researches the actual need of the client as well as the current market environment before providing concepts which meet and expand upon those needs.

Patent Support: Understanding patent requirements allows us to examine existing patents, design products which can be patent protected, and support our clients through the application process.

Fit: We excel in Ergonomic Fit Systems from infant products to athletic equipment to eyewear to universal access.

Development: Once the design is approved, we oversee prototypes, and follow projects from Dye-Lots to Tooling Approval.

Sourcing: Whether it’s materials, processes, or factories, our international knowledge helps us define the most innovative, cost-effective, nonbreakable materials to use and where and how a product should be manufactured.

Trends: As contributing members of IDEAS, we are a key force in the activewear industry for predicting trends in colors, materials, and styling.

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