Sticky Branding

What if your Brand was an immersive engaging experience for your audiences?

What if your website was incredibly easy to update, AND served as an archive for projects, press releases , pictures, etc?

What if you could update and populate your linkedin/facebook/twitter/blog highlights with a single point of entry?

What if you could showcase diverse personalities of staff/products/events with multiple social media user feeds?

What if your Brand interacted on a personal level, customizing your message to fit the person you are trying to reach?

What if you could automatically update and integrate calendars within all of your online communications?

What if your print materials were fun and memorable keepsakes that could drive people to specific areas of the web?

What if you could share and interact with your clients through smart-phone technologies?

What if?

Our Branding vision is more about “the big picture” than “pretty pictures.” Our approach is rooted in an understanding of your target, a philosophy of strategic positioning, and a critique of the competition. Throw our creative techniques into the mix, and the result is a lively, fresh and business-minded solution to your brand needs.

Branding: Our primary focus and specialty is branding. We define the brand, find the ways to deliver the brand to the target audience, and maintain a consistent and strong brand identity through all corporate collateral.

Design: Style and visuals PLUS the delivery of the message, copy flow, image/brand consistency and gauging the attention span of the reader.

Multi-modal Connections: From print promotions to content managed websites to personal urls and qr codes to social media integration to smart-phone functionality, Gamil adds personality, functionality and automated ease as a consistent yet unique set of tools to support the brand vision.

“Market-Wise” Development: Our design decisions are based on your overall goals, not just the crisis deadline for the next trade show. We help you develop , expand, and maintain a strategic marketing plan, and determine budget and timelines so you meet immediate concerns without compromising the bigger plan.

Project Management: Our extensive bank of relationships with printers, paper reps, photographers, copywriters, illustrators, web technicians, trade show booth manufacturers, and others allows us to efficiently and effectively determine who can do the best job within the budgets and timelines allotted for each project.

Gamil Project Categories