We know it’s unusual to find engineers who are also designers. At Gamil, it is a core of our design beliefs. At Gamil, we understand the equal balance between engineering and design in the success of a product. That’s why so many clients come to us to look for efficient solutions to complex and often, brand-new problems.

With most of the products we design, we do all of the engineering and final production files. Even when the client only needs us for design, our design process is built with an understanding of production requirements, and we can work with engineers to finalize everything according to specifications.

Every product requires the eye of an engineer to get the thing made to spec and still work. We offer those services in-house! We UNDERSTAND all the details. Here are some examples of how we have put our engineering skills to use:

  • precision robotic fluid sampling systems in an EPA wind tunnel
  • shock absorbing systems for Nike’s in-line skates
  • mold engineering cost reductions for Trek
  • production line assembly systems for eyewear assembly
  • mechanical assemblies
  • material selection
  • stress & strain analysis on molded products
  • pattern-making for cut & sew products
  • mold approvals and factory visits

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