Design Process

Our 5-step process is a framework for working together. It is a proven sequence which fosters collaboration between the client and the design team, as well as creativity, problem solving strategies, and innovative, unexpected, effective results.

The whole team comes together to determine the objectives of the job. The Criteria is an objective framework for decisions, enabling the client to base choices on the stated goals rather than just personal preference.

  • Listen to needs, challenges and ideas
  • Research market, trends and competition
  • Schedule project timeline
  • Present Criteria Document

In this phase, our design team has fun, with an “anything is possible, all ideas are good” attitude. Each developed concept represents a unique direction. Time is spent on creative variety and depth rather than the details or variations of one solution.

  • Explore broad spectrum of ideas
  • Develop relevant ideas for presentation
  • Critique internally and refine as needed
  • Present Concepts

Design Refinements
Once a concept direction is chosen, we develop Refinements, moving past the original idea and into sophisticated alternatives. A visual language is explored to provide consistency throughout all the components of the project. Functionality is a primary goal in the Refinements stage.

  • Develop variations of chosen concept direction
  • Research materials and construction options
  • Revisit Criteria and re-commit to goals
  • Refine solutions to reflect full design intent
  • Present fleshed out solutions

Final Spec
All of the final details are developed and the kinks worked out of the design in this phase. Production specifications are made so quotes can be obtained. The ultimate goal is to receive signed approval from the client in acknowledgement that the design is completed and the production phase can begin.

  • Finalize design and add the little extras
  • Specify details, materials, construction
  • Proof final design and receive approval
  • Create final files, technical drawings and specs
  • Deliver final computer files

Production and Development
Being well-versed in the processes and materials involved in production, we are able to source appropriate vendors and  work with them to ensure a smooth process and intended end-result. We are experienced with managing quality through proofs, factory or printer visits, prototypes, testing and production samples.

  • Source vendors (US, Europe Asia)
  • Manage lead times, cost, delivery, etc.
  • Proof samples for quality and testing
  • Finalize, review, and test any changes
  • Celebrate the finished product

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