SPARKcon is a creative festival that is a 100% volunteer effort of citizens in the Triangle area. The festival itself is comprised of many different creative components.The components are defined and created by individual inspiration…whoever gets involved defines the course of the 4-day event series.

Gamil Design has been intimately involved in the creation, development and evolution of SPARKcon since it’s inaugural year in 2006. From developing the concept, to directing the organization to creating and managing the brand, Gamil has worked with other leaders in the area to celebrate and nurture the diverse creativity of the Triangle.

SPARKcon now receives attention from cities throughout the United States, using the festival as an example for creative and economic development. Aly has spoken at conferences, urban summits and universities in North Carolina, New Orleans, Memphis, Portland Oregon, and even Doha, Qatar, (to name a few) about the experiment and success of SPARKcon.

Find out more at the SPARKcon site.

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