IDEAS Network

IDEAS is an international “Active Sports Design Network” of over 30 independent studios from around the world. Membership to IDEAS is diverse and selective and meets at least twice a year, showing primarily at the ISPO show in Munich, Germany. We meet as a group, share information and experience and, thus, increase our individual levels of expertise and knowledge. We are then able to pass this benefit to clients.

IDEAS develops trend forecasts for the sports market two years in advance of the selling season. A group of IDEAS member studios from all over the world comes together to discuss color trends, future styles and themes, and rising trends within the market. We then develop color cards, available at our exhibition stands representing our vision of the season two years in the future. The IDEAS designers present to sporting goods industry brands, retailers and fabric suppliers.

The IDEAS design collective is comprised of competitive designers, working for most of the major brands in the active sports business.

Find out more at the IDEAS site.

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