Aly & Beth Khalifa are founders and managing members of Designbox, a collective of more than 20 independent creative professionals representing a variety of design disciplines (graphic design, product design, software design, architecture, interior design, illustration, photography, copywriting, marketing strategy, animation, filmmaking, etc). Recent member credits include photography in Rolling Stone, a Sundance award for filmmaking, a “New and Notable”product award in ID Magazine and sustainable energy systems for Duke University.

Designbox meets weekly to generate inspiration and ideas through a system of creative techniques designed to elicit new perspectives on a problem. The projects discussed are as diverse as the members of the group, and frequently the best ideas for a project come from outside the obvious profession. Progress is documented so the team leader can take the results back to clients. Designbox also offers brainstorming services. The membership is trained to lead creative sessions for large or small groups.

As members of Designbox, we are able to create special design teams appropriate to an individual project—to add to our skillset as needed  rather than pidgeon-holing projects to fit a predefined skillset of full-time employees. This enables Gamil to infuse each project with fresh creativity and unique expertise, and to truly tailor our approach to get the best results.

In order to create a community of creativity, Designbox provides a collaborative workspace for members. The Gamil office is located within the Designbox space in downtown Raleigh. With 10 other creative-based professions working in the same open-space environment, Gamil taps into additional creative energy, a shared materials library, changing artwork, and inspiration from multiple and various projects.

Design and creativity cannot live in a vacuum. In order to test ideas and learn from the community, Designbox has a gallery that is regularly recognized within the Triangle area for its fresh exhibits. The gallery exhibits have included rock posters, fine paintings, sculptures, comic book art, tattoo designs, and a community art benefit that successfully raised $10,000 for breast cancer. Designbox also created the first creative conference for the
Triangle area, SPARKcon.

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