RTRP, State of the Region Video features Aly Khalifa, Gamil Design, and Designbox

May 24, 2012

he Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP), “State of the Region” video has just launched! Aly Khalifa, of Gamil Design was a featured expert in the video, and Designbox was location for some of the video footage. If you watch carefully you’ll see cameos of other Gamil Design-ers: Beth Khalifa, Britt Freeman, & Jennafer Pettit!

Raleigh Warehouse District website—Press Release

March 5, 2012

For Immediate Release

The Raleigh Warehouse District has had it’s share of busy times since it’s actual warehouse origins. Over the years, much of the action has happened after midnight on weekends, with a thriving nightclub scene. There have also been the businesses who put their stakes in the ground long before there was a scene to support them…businesses which include Humble Pie and William-Cozart, to name a few.

In the last 5 years, though, the Raleigh Warehouse District has grown into a true downtown destination, with galleries, restaurants, retail shops and nightclubs all claiming the district as their home. With such a vibrant any-time-of-day scene taking shape, the branding and design firm, Gamil Design (located in the Designbox space in the Raleigh Warehouse District) decided it was time to organize the neighbors and to showcase neighborhood things-to-do with a new website,

The new website launched on Thursday, March 1, 2012 and provides a wealth of information for the visitor who wants to wander the district but isn’t sure of the offerings. The site is a comprehensive directory of businesses open to the public, categorized by type of offering, such as Retail, Art, Eats & Drinks, and Nightlife. Each company page gives a glimpse of what that place is like, and provides hours of operation, contact info and links to the company site, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Twitter is a big part of the excitement of the site. The site features an aggregated Twitter feed of places in the district so visitors can find out what is happening NOW, and get a bit of the personality of the community. Once a web visitor arrives on a specific company’s individual page, the featured Twitter feed is specific to that company, so they can get an idea of what big events might be coming or what specials are current at that location.

The Raleigh Warehouse District website is fun and functional in other ways too. For instance, there is a map on the site that pinpoints each business location, enabling a Warehouse District visitor to find their destination quickly and easily. There is a calendar on the site where neighborhood businesses can add featured events for the public. Visitors can also browse by what is “open today.” Going to the Warehouse District for a bite to eat and don’t know if the gallery or shop down the street is also open? – simply click “open today” to find out.

The community focus of the neighborhood is celebrated with the Raleigh Warehouse District Flickr group. Images added to this group on Flickr are featured at random on the site’s gallery page. There is also a “badge” page on the website where the neighborhood businesses as well as the public can download image icon badges to be a part of promoting the district.

The folks at Gamil Design have many plans for the site as the district grows and say they are “excited to get our online presence started in order to highlight this incredible downtown destination!” Stay tuned for more, and start your Raleigh Warehouse visit online at

For more information, contact:
Beth Khalifa, Gamil Design

Vilcek 2012 Trophies

February 13, 2012

Gamil Design has continued to support the Vilcek Foundation with it’s prestigious Vilcek Prize. Conceived by Stefan Sagmeister, Gamil Design has continued to do all technical design and production for each unique award, each digitally created, hand polished and plated. These trophies have been award-winners themselves and are currently on display at the Louvre in Paris. The 2012 recipients are Mikhail Baryshnikov and Carlos Bustamante, PhD.

Aly Khalifa Awarded Eisenhower Fellowship

August 18, 2011

Aly Khalifa, owner of Gamil Design, has been awarded a prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship for 2012.

“Eisenhower Fellowships engages emerging leaders from around the world to enhance their professional capabilities, broaden their contacts, deepen their perspectives, and unite them in a diverse, global community – a network where dialogue, understanding, and collaboration lead to a more prosperous, just, and peaceful world.”

The Eisenhower Fellowship sends approximately eight to ten high-achieving mid-career (aged 32-45) U.S. citizens abroad for an intensive, individually designed program in the country of their choice.  Fellows are selected by blue ribbon steering committees and are currently recruited from Philadelphia, Research Triangle North Carolina, New England (Boston), and St. Louis.

Aly was chosen to represent the Research Triangle of North Carolina in recognition of his contributions in community and design leadership through his creation of SPARKcon (a Raleigh creativity showcase in it’s 6th year in 2011), Designbox (a collaborative group of creative professionals in Raleigh, NC) his leading roles in design thinking for the City of Raleigh, the Raleigh Convention Center, IDSA and Universities  and non-profits around  the world. The Program also chose Aly to support his stated fellowship goal to study the relationships between Chinese and US manufacturers, designers and brands and to explore new opportunities for those relationships to be more creative, collaborative and,ultimately profitable for all.

Aly will travel to Asia for 5 weeks in 2012 to meet with international business and political leaders, as well as other Eisenhower Fellows. Stay tuned, and congrats to Aly!

Here’s a great article from New Raleigh: designbox’s Aly Khalifa awarded Eisenhower Award

CAM-A-DADA Thank you!

April 30, 2011

Producing CAM-A-DADA allowed us to work with favorite local people – and for our favorite project in town! Send any pics to our Flickr photo stream here.

Facebook photos here.

Acroentertainment and talent coordination by Katie Bouterse and Kaci Torres

Ringmasters, Emoticon Protest Grand Marshalls, and stunning inspiration: Thunder and Junebug

Theramin and live looping provided by Billy Sugarfix

LED hoop performance by Mindy

LED Sword and Poi by Phoenix and GUMMYLUV

Bubble Art by Caroleeena

Technical coordination by Joey Fralin

Stage Management by Britt Hayes

Creative Direction by Aly Khalifa

Special thanks to Renay Aumiller and her wonderful dance troupe!

Check out our Portfolio Post

Gamil ISO Technical Product Designer

February 17, 2011

Gamil Design is looking for a detail-oriented Technical Product Designer. We don’t want pretty pictures of theoretical items. We want research on the NEEDS of outdoor gear and imagination on how innovative products can be MADE so they optimize materials and processes and become market leaders in the largest of retailers.

Candidate must have the following skills
• industrial design degree and some engineering coursework
• 2 years of experience in product development
• great drawing and concepting abilities
• works expertly in illustrator and excel
• full familiarity in 3D CAD (Solidworks preferred)
• manufacturing experience in a variety of materials
• comfortable in both mac and PC environments.

Ideal candidate also has the following skills
• able to create production-ready bill of materials
• creating and reading 2D technical drawings with an understanding of tolerances
• great communication skills
• basic understanding of plastic moldmaking
• works well with local and distant team members
• sourcing materials
• understanding of quality control procedures
• community minded
• outdoors-oriented lifestyle

Gamil is a design consultancy focused on launching inventive products, brands and events for clients worldwide. Gamil has garnered international recognition for its creative projects, including work that has been nominated for a Grammy, featured by ID magazine, and recognized by local press for community activism. Our office resides within the dynamic work space of Designbox, a collective in downtown Raleigh which Gamil founded and is home to many other leading creative professionals.

Relocation fees are not included in this position.

Submit letter, resume, and portfolio in a single PDF. Files larger than 5 MB will be bounced.

INDY article about Raleigh Institute of Contemporary Art

February 15, 2010

The newly founded Raleigh Institute of Contemporary Art (RICA) by Mia Yoon, was featured in an article in the Independent Weekly.

Beth Khalifa quoted saying “RICA can do a number of things: increase awareness of local talent and expertise, increase public understanding of contemporary art, showcase Raleigh as an artistic force on a national scale, increase both the pool of artistic talent and the pool of enthusiasts, and continue to nurture the arts as an element of why Raleigh is a great place to live.”

Read the full article: New art institute hope to stoek Raleigh’s creative fire, Teaching the cutting edge by Rebekah L. Cowell

Meld Footwear

February 11, 2010

We regularly invent, design, and engineer products to meet CONSUMER needs. But we’ve never been asked to design or invent to meet LOCAL needs. We thought we should take it upon ourselves to do so – starting with a shoe, one of the first industries to leave our state.

Near the beginning, there was the Cobbler. This one-stop shop combined customization, ergonomics, just-in-time manufacturing and customer service to create good products that were integral to local cultures. The problem was that it took 3-4 hours to make a shoe.

Utilizing mass production techniques, net assembly time of shoemaking was reduced to about an hour and fifteen minutes. However this division of labor has created a race to the bottom that neglects our economy and disrupts our environment.

There are now a myriad of digital technologies that have allowed us to completely rethink the way we make shoes – combining the best of cobbler and mass production techniques.

We have now created a proprietary technology that can make shoes in less than 15 minutes, opening up better customization, service, and more interesting jobs. Bringing on-demand assembly shops to downtowns across NC allows us to reestablish manufacturing into local culture. With pioneering Design for Disassembly (D4D), we will drive a new supply chain that will help make NC landfill-free.

Having invested years of research and lots of resources into intellectual property development and prototypes, we are currently looking for partners to help us commercialize this project.

“Everything that Happens” Package nominated for Grammy

December 3, 2009

The “Everything that Happens will Happen Today” album package realized by Gamil Design and Sagmeister, Inc has been nominated for 2 Grammys in the categories Best Recording Package and Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package. Check out the project write up.

Larry Jaffee, MediaPack magazine, on Robyn Hitchcock Packaging

December 1, 2009

Larry Jaffee wrote a great article in winter 2009 issue of MediaPack magazine titled “He often dreams of packaging” featuring the new Robyn Hitchcock limited-edition packaging conceived by Gamil Design. Check out the article here or download the PDF.

Aly interviewed by OnCoworking

July 9, 2009

Aly was invited to discuss structure and achievements of Designbox by Andy Louis-Charles. Through his website,, Andy explores the various models of coworking taking place. Though we’re not sure if Designbox truly fits in with the coworking umbrella, we had a nice discussion. Unfortunately the audio is pretty spotty.

Gamil Creates “Shop Local Raleigh” site

April 27, 2009

Gamil, along with Rob Ruchte of Thirdparty Labs, collaborated in the web design and custom content management of a new Raleigh campaign created by the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association: “Shop Local Raleigh.” The new campaign and site launched on April 17, 2009 and is intended to help promote local businesses and the idea of keeping more dollars local by selecting local shopping options.

“Living In Style” features Designbox

February 7, 2009

Living in Style Magazine, published by The News and Observer, featured our office space, Designbox, in a section called Art for Our Sake. Check out the article here on pages 31 and 32

Gamil Creates Site for The Friday Institute

January 6, 2009

Gamil Design and Designbox member Rob Ruchte of Thirdparty Labs collaborated in the Content Management and Design aspects of The Friday Institute’s new website, launched on January 6, 2009. Read more about the intricacies of the cms system and design here.

Gamil completes product development for David Byrne

December 8, 2008

Gamil worked with Stefan Sagmeister to lead product development of the Deluxe Limited Edition Package for David Byrne and Brian Eno & Brian Eno’s new album “Everything that Happens Will Happen Today”

Aly Khalifa a Panelist at Urban Next Summit, New Orleans

July 25, 2008

Organized by CEOs for Cities and NOLA YURP (The New Orleans Young Urban Rebuilding Professionals Initiative). The Urban Next Summit was a gathering of emerging urban leaders along with established leaders to discuss a number of questions around cities including: What creates a culture of opportunity? How do you draw ambitious people to a city? And how do you engage them on the issues that matter most? Leading a discussion with Carol Coletta and Diana Lind, Aly presented the theoretical and technical basis for SparkCon as a catalyst for energizing local talent within a city

Aly Khalifa quoted in News & Observer

April 21, 2008

News and Observer’s Peder Zane searches for cultural progress in Raleigh, and quotes Aly on his impressions in a recent article. Peder points to three obvious signs of the community embracing its creative talent in Raleigh, all of which Gamil is involved.

Gamil and Sagmeister win AIGA award

March 5, 2008

A collaboration between Stefan Sagmeister and Matthias Ernstberger of Sagmeister Inc., Nick Herman, Aly Khalifa and Robert Shanks of Gamil Design, and FineLine Prototyping, the Vilcek Prize design was in itself given an award by the AIGA for 365:28 in Typographic Design.

Designbox a test market for Pepsi Tava

February 1, 2008

Releasing its new fruit seltzer, Tava, Pepsico (apparently via agency Element 79) set up a stand of free drinks for gallery attendees at Designbox during the First Friday show of “Some of the Parts.” Designbox is the home of Gamil, Gamila and other design offices in Raleigh. This test was the premier event initiated in the Raleigh area. Informal impressions of the drink were mixed.

Gamil Design exhibits at ISPO

January 28, 2008

amil has been exhibiting at ISPO with the IDEAS group since 1998, and once again joined this exclusive Active Sports Network of designers to present trends and portfolios for the Winter Market of Sporting Goods. ISPO is the largest sporting goods show in the world and provides a broad perspective on the entire industry. For more coverage see this post.

Aly Khalifa a Finalist for the Eisenhower Fellowship

December 27, 2007

Aly was nominated and then became a finalist as an Eisenhower Fellow. This program is to have “emerging leaders from around the world” create a program for international learning and networking.

Holiday Market: Brand Fandango at Designbox

December 7, 2007

Opens First Friday December 7, 2007, and then will also be open Monday through Saturday through December 21, the Brand Fandango store at Designbox has a host of great holiday gifts designed by over 15 local artisans. Opening night, Friday, December 7, was festive and very successful. We’ve done Brand Fandango for 6 years, and this year has been our most diverse selection and highest sales so far.

Blog.Gamil Reaches its First Million Visitors

November 25, 2007

We’d love to think that everyone showed up on purpose, butsince we only started this a month ago, we’ll take our realistic lumps. Yea, since Nov 1 our counter from gostats says we’ve hit a million. Most of you have quickly passed by, but lots of you have introduced yourselves and we’re happy to know you. We hope to get better and better at blogging, so y’all come back.

Gamila Releases Facemod- “Self Centerpiece Candlesticks”

November 23, 2007

Using state of the art computer software and the very latest in digital manufacturing technology, Gamila announces the ultimate in custom products: Facemods.Inspired by the work of Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin, Gamila has taken a famous optical illusion of two people’s profiles facing each other and turned it into a real candlestick. Simply submit a photograph of your profile and the Gamila system will do the rest: trace your profile, revolve it into a 3 dimensional shape and output the result in a proprietary ceramic material. See full post.

Pacific Design + Gamila Product Launch Party

November 2, 2007

Pacific Design, out of Austin, Texas, and Gamila have partnered to create the “Indie Artists Collection” for iPod cases and PSP gaming cases. The Indie Artists Collection is launched under the Pacific Design brand and features 2 local Raleigh artists: David Eichenberger and Paul Friedrich. The First Friday show was a celebration of these cases being launched nationwide and sold in Circuit City throughout the country. The party was a smashing success. Ty Rarick and Alexandra Elliott (both of Pacific Design), flew in from Austin for the event. Paul and David were both here signing cases, and Chad Wilkins of Gamila orchestrated all of the logistics. We had incredible music with old school vinyl spun by DJ jasonjohns, great food from the RedRoom, and the always popular Big Boss beer. Breakdancers showed up and made their own dance floor, and a local bike club arrived with 35ish cyclists and at least 3 inline skaters. The party went late (of course) and the feedback and sales of all of the artist cases was very positive. We also showed a line of 6 Mila Art Jackets at the event. These are also cases designed for iPods with local art as the main graphic. They are all under the Gamila brand. See all of the products at the Gamila site.

Gamil Design Creates blog.gamil

November 1, 2007

In an effort to better connect with the design community, we’ve launched our very own blog. It’s here that we plan to log “elements of inspiration and moments of distraction from our small design firm.” We plan to have multiple authors from our group of Gamil Design and Gamila Company discuss design in their day-to-day research and everyday lives.

ARC’TERYX party at Designbox

September 27, 2007

Gamil Design members particitpate in the Arc’teryx Evening of Innovation party hosted byGreat Outdoor Provision Company and held in the Designbox gallery and offices. About 150-200 people came to see the new line and learn more about this cutting edge mountaineering brand.

Gamila launches a new Gem of a Teastick

September 24, 2007

After 2 years of great success, the new Teastick GEMS collection takes the original Teastick design to exciting new colors, materials and functionality. The Gems are made out of FDA grade polycarbonate that allows the tea-lover to see their tea blooming as it steeps. Especially great for herbals!

Aly and Beth Khalifa facilitate SPARKcon workshops

September 17, 2007

SparkCon 07 (September 14–17, 2007) was much much bigger than the first. As core organizers of the brand and message, Beth and Aly also found time to help facilitate tables of registrants to focus on how to make the Triangle area more conducive to creativity across many different strata -from copyrights and open source technology to integrating neighborhoods and making transportation more accessible.

Gamil Creates Branding for SPARKcon 07

August 15, 2007

Beth Khalifa was Creative Director for the branding of the SparkCon 07 creative conference. She and fellow Gamiler, Britt Hayes, designed all of the collateral, including everything from the website to maps of the city, programs, name badges, posters, and managing lots and lots of information across the efforts of 63 organizers and 12 different “Spark” components!

Gamil Contributes to Award Winning Project

July 15, 2007

ID Magazine’s 2007 Annual Design Review, July/Aug issue, gave design distinction to The Vilcek Award trophy (given annually to American immigrants who have made lasting contributions in the arts and sciences). Aly was hired by Stefan Sagmeister to be a part of the design team for the trophy, each of which is a unique form stemming from the prize-winner’s name. Gamil used their design and engineering expertise to revise a fragile initial design with a unique mathematical model. Gamil also changed the materials, using laser processing and nickel plating on the piece.

The Teastick in Southern Living

July 10, 2007

The Teastick, designed by Aly, and concepted by Aly and Ty, was featured in the “Carolina Clips” section of the July issue for Southern Living magazine.

Kelly Myers joins Gamil Design

June 15, 2007

Part biomechanic, part designer, and full-on clear thinker, Kelly brings incredible expertise to the Gamil Design team.

Gamil gets a new 3D printer!

June 10, 2007

3D Printing is not just for the magazines anymore. Gamil Design now has in-house capabilities of going from sketch to 3D model with their new ZPrinter. This has created a new speed record for us- a full design cycle of a client need to a part in their hands in 3 days!

Raleigh City Council Approves City Plaza!

May 15, 2007

The City Plaza design charette, in which Aly and Beth Khalifa, and Ty Beddingfield facilitated (among other facilitators, including Designbox members, Spark Con members, The Urban Design Center, and Kimley-Horn) took the ideas produced during the charrette and refined them into a series of illustrations for a presentation to City Council. The proposed City Plaza design consisted of a foundation for a “creative play space” for the city, including water, electricity, kiosks, stage abilities, and large pedestals for ever changing artwork and community events. City Council voted unanimously to approve the design at the May council meeting.

Gamil Design creates “The Walla-be”

April 10, 2007

The new Designbox offices houses more companies than our old location, and is an open space. We couldn’t just settle for ANY furniture…or wall either. So we designed our own hybrid. The Wallabe’s are constructed out of aluminum frames and customizable to each of the different companies needs. Some are used as shelves and others pin-up space.

Gamil Design moves office

March 15, 2007

The new office is bigger and better than before. We are in a swell part of downtown Raleigh so come visit us on a First Friday! Check the gallery schedule on the designbox website!

Aly Khalifa Leads Raleigh’s City Plaza Design Charrette

January 15, 2007

Designbox and SparkCon members, including Aly and Beth Khalifa, and Ty Beddingfield, at the request of the Urban Design Center, facilitated a charrette to spark ideas about the City Plaza space in downtown Raleigh.

Gamil’s Web Traffic, a Story in the News & Observer

December 16, 2006

Ryan Tegue Beckwith, of the News & Observer, writes an article “Typo is Web page’s windfall” about our web traffic due to the mistyping of Gmail.

Gamil The Mila!

November 1, 2006

A few years ago it was The Teastick, now it is all about the Mila Case! Mila Case’s provide a fashionable protective cover for your iPod or other MP3 player.

Aly and Beth Khalifa facilitate workshops for Spark Con ’06

September 14, 2006

We’re not sure what it’s gonna be, but we’re excited about the possibilities as we work with well-known creative professionals to chart a path for creative talent for the Triangle.

Gamil Creates SparkCon Brand

September 1, 2006

Beth Khalifa is Creative Director for the branding of the inaugural year of Spark Con. Beth, Britt, and sometimes Kelly and Aly all got into the act of designing a system of “Spark People” representing all of the different creative components of this multi-faceted Conference. Beth and Britt also designed and maintained all of the collateral – everything from website to posters, to badges and more.

2005 Smart Commute Campaign, wins Transportation Award

August 1, 2006

Gamil Design’s work on all of the collateral for the Smart Commute Campaign paid off, as the Triangle Transit Authority was recognized for their good looking and effective marketing and design.

Britt Hayes joins Gamil Design, graphic design team

May 25, 2006

A stellar graphic designer from NC State, Britt has taken the reigns to condense numerous channels of information – from Gamil Design, Designbox, SparkCon, and Gamila – to create some stunning work.

Aly Khalifa lectures at IDSA in Atlanta

April 21, 2006

Aly Khalifa attended the IDSA Southern Chapter Conference in Atlanta to present how designers can embrace their community to create sustainable relationships. Khalifa also took part in a panel discussion focused on globalization and the impact designers can have on the changing nature of manufacturing.

Aly Khalifa lectures at Tasmeem Design Conference in Qatar

February 24, 2006

Aly and Beth Khalifa travelled to the prestigious Tasmeem Design Conference in Doha Qatar, where Aly gave a presentation entitled: “Empowering Community through Creativity.” Khalifa shared the stage with top talent from around the world, including Bruce Mao, Stefan Sagmeister, Steve Badanes, Mario Gagliardi, and Saki Mafundikwa.

Gamila launches the Facepod

December 9, 2005

Following the great success of the Teastick, Gamil has once again entered into the lifestyle products arena with another cutting edge product called the Facepod. Noticing the universal need to protect the screens of the various MP3 players in the market, Gamil designed a case that stretches around a variety of MP3 players and provides attachment points to configure a leash, headphone reels, or other accessories.

Teastick wins Good Design Award

December 6, 2005

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design has award Gamila a Good Design award for The Teastick. The competition selected the Teastick out of hundreds of submissions ranging “from an airplane to a paperclip.” Awards will be posted on the Athenaeum website December 31.

Aly Khalifa Judges Innovations Awards

October 10, 2005

Created by the Consumer Electronics Association, the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards program recognizes the most innovative consumer electronics products in 30 categories. Khalifa, being both an engineer and designer, will be comprehensively evaluating this year’s submissions for a variety of categories. Display of the finalists is one of the most popular exhibits at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.

Gamil Makes it a Decade!

October 7, 2005

Started in October 1995 in a spare room of his new house, Aly has been joined by dozens of collaborators to design hundreds of projects. A retrospective is being shown at the Designbox through the month of October, and includes a public launch of The Teastick.

Gamil Creates for Smart Commute

September 1, 2005

A new campaign of reducing emissions and congestion in the Triangle was designed and art directed by Beth Khalifa. She also tapped Designbox for a truly collaborative effort, including the photography of Cheryl Gottschall and the copywriting of Janet Mobley. As a result, SmartCommute ran its largest campaign ever.Take the Smart Commute Challenge yourself!

Designbox’s Dix Dirt Charrette Gains Attention

July 19, 2005

Richard Stradling reports on the progress of the Convention Center’s heap of excavated dirt becoming a city park in Raleigh – all via a design charrette organized and facilitated by Designbox. A lot of the material has already arrived and has been sculpted at the Dix site.

Designbox wins Indy Arts Award

July 13, 2005

Each year the Independent Weekly gives a select few organizations an award to “honor a handful of people and projects [to] illustrate the creative spirit of the Triangle’s arts communities.” This year Designbox was selected as one of them. See article by Fiona Morgan. We do have a few corrections

Designbox hosts new brand, “Gamila”

July 11, 2005

Ty Beddingfield has moved into Designbox to establish headquarters of Gamila Products, LLC. Beddingfield and Rich Futrell were the founders of The Third Place Coffeehouse in Raleigh. As their highly successful coffee business also grew their sales of fine loose teas, they saw a need in the market for a new tea infuser. After contacting Aly Khalifa [db], they collaborated to create The Teastick. Years later they have sold the coffee house and are doing a national launch of products for the growing gourmet tea market. See the press release.

Gamil Design’s Bat Cage on Lance Armstrong’s Bike

July 4, 2005

Lance Armstrong and will be riding in this year’s Tour de France with a host of new cutting edge equipment, but he’s riding with one accessory for three years in a row: the Trek Batcage. Designed by Aly Khalifa to be the lightest, easiest and best-retention bottle cage on the market, the Batcage has proven itself to perform in the world’s most competitive environment. In fact, you’ll find two of them on Lance’s climbing bike.

Designbox facilitates city leaders on Raleigh’s vision

June 14, 2005

Aly and Beth developed an energetic 3 hour creative session to elicit ideas about what Raleigh has to offer. They then facilitated the workshop, along with nine additional members of Designbox. Hosted by the Raleigh Convention Center, the charrette was attended by a diverse group of about 80 city leaders. Each Designbox member led an 8-person group which was tasked with communicating impressions, stories, and imagery to capture the city’s spirit. The work from each group is intended to guide downtown development and marketing efforts in reflecting the city’s culture, leveraging the local resources, and establishing an image of Raleigh to present to the rest of the world.

Kirby Derby Show gets press

June 3, 2005

This Designbox exhibit of a local neighborhood parade has garnered attention in the News & Observer’s What’s Up.The show was also featured in the Raleigh Hatchet with the actual event described as “one of the coolest, and most original events Raleigh has to offer.”

Exhibiting Artist Gretchen McLaren featured on HGTV

May 25, 2005

Gamil will be celebrating the debut of HGTV’s “Crafter’s Coast to Coast” which features Gretchen McLaren. Designbox will show the episode in the gallery on the big screen at 7pm on May 25th.

Aly Khalifa featured at IDSA Conference

April 8, 2005

Aly presented “The future of professional creativity and the rise of the creative consortium” at the IDSA Southeast Conference in Memphis TN. On the following day, Khalifa lead an all day workshop on creative techniques. Becky Shankle [db] assisted in facilitating the group to generate their most creative ideas for products and services in international shipping.

Designbox Gets Creative with Dirt at Dorothea Dix

March 21, 2005

Upon hearing that the Dix property was to receive 150,000 tons of dirt from the new convention center project in downtown Raleigh, Aly Khalifa, Professor Will Hooker and Councilman Thomas Crowder decided to hold a design charrette to find a creative way to turn this dumping into a unique city feature. Khalifa will lead the creative session with Designbox members facilitating 40 members of the community at the Urban Design Center. Results will be presented to city planning staff with groundbreaking scheduled for this summer. See the results at Designbox or the Convention Center.

Khalifas lecture in Education City, Qatar

January 6, 2005

Aly & Beth Khalifa gave a week-long series of lectures and workshops in late December to discuss creativity and professional development in product and graphic design. The Khalifas visited with numerous design classes in Education City at the satellite campus of Virginia Commonwealth University located in Doha, Qatar. Press Release.

Aly Khalifa an Expert Witness on Gloves in Canada

May 27, 2004

Aly Khalifa testified as an Expert Witness on sporting goods design and engineering in the case of Gold vs. MEC in Vancouver, Canada which concluded May 27. This case was in regards to a patent infringement dispute on glove closure systems between the two parties.

Aly Khalifa with other Designbox members work with students

April 21, 2004

Designbox members Aly Khalifa, JP Reuer, and Angelica Garcia combined forces with the Urban Design Centerto work with Lee Moore and her students at the Moore Square Museums Magnet Middle School (M2M3) to make design suggestions on improving the Moore Square area for pedestrians, cyclists, and those who want to relax. Results will be on display in the windows at the Cherry Huffman building throughout May.

Aly Khalifa gets creative with MBA program

April 6, 2004

The NC State College of Management had Aly come in to work with their MBA students and teach techniques in creativity. Together they focused on domestic manufacturing using the Creative Consensus technique.

Aly Khalifa to exhibit as Art & Design Entrepreneur

November 2, 2003

Aly is one of six alumni from the NC State College of Design that will exhibit their work as a successful entrepreneur to emerge from the Art & Design curriculum. Amy Milne of See Saw Studio (Nov. Designbox show) and Holly Aiken (Dec. show) will also be in the show. Reception is Weds Nov 5 at 5pm at the Brooks Hall Gallery at NCSU, with a brief presentation from the exhibitors from 6- 7pm. The show will run from Nov 2 -22.

Aly Khalifa to be on jury for Innovations awards

October 15, 2003

The prestigious Innovations 2004 Design and Engineering Awards are given by the Consumer Electronics Association, and endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Aly has been asked to be on the panel of judges and to evaluate entries in several product areas from his design and engineering perspective.

“Keep A Breast – Raleigh” raises $10,000!

October 3, 2003

Gamil Design headed up this Designbox event to raise money for breast cancer research. Over 70 artists created pieces of art from plaster busts donated by local women. All the art was auctioned at Designbox on October 3rd. The result was $10,000 to donate to 4 different charitiis. And Raleigh then became the most successful “Keep-A-Breast” event to date.

Gamil’s “BatCage” Wins Tour de France!

September 5, 2003

Lance Armstrong, winner of the 2003 Tour De France carried his water in Gamil’s BatCage design for Trek Bicycle. The whole US Postal Service team was outfitted with this ultra-light composite water bottle cage, that not only outperforms other such cages on the market, but is also more efficient to manufacture. Press Release

Aly Khalifa Presents a ‘Softer Vision’ at SXSW

March 8, 2003

As part of the joint event between South by SouthWest (SXSW) and The Industrial Designer’s Society of America (IDSA), Khalifa joined three other speakers in the presentation of “Sense and Substance” to this creative audience in Austin, Texas. His presentation focused on the incorporation of textiles into everyday product design.

Gamil Design Moves to Designbox

March 1, 2003

Gamil announces the relocation and opening of its next office at Designbox. Gamil will still be located downtown, but with a bigger space, a better gallery presence, and incorporating the presence of many other creative minds of the Designbox.

Gamil Design Announces “DesignBox”

February 14, 2003

Over the past several months we have been meeting with many creative individuals in the interest of forming a brainstorming collective called Designbox. The vision of DesignBox is to create a multi-disciplinary and synergistic environment of creativity, and promote great design in the Triangle.

Gamil Design Exhibits at ISPO

February 5, 2003

As part of the IDEAS network of sporting goods designers, Gamil exhibited color and trend concepts for Fall 2004 in the common theme of PULSE. Aly has been a member of IDEAS since 1999, and has recently served as Vice-President of this international trend-forecasting group.

Gamil Design Innovates New Ergonomic Manual for Panasonic

September 15, 2002

Challenged by Panasonic’s requirements for a “universal manual” that can easily explain the intricacies of their top-end camcorder, Gamil Design created a new system for not only engaging the logical mind, but exciting the emotional mind of a consumer as well. Panasonic sees this as not only a helpful device, but as a strategic marketing advantage as well. The design is undergoing extensive international field-testing and is not yet released to the public.

New Identity Launched for Trio, LLC

August 15, 2002

A staffing firm dedicated to precision placement of scientific personnel, Trio LLC came to Gamil seeking an identity that emphasized their three part system of strategic relationships.

New Identity Launched for Rogers Word Service

July 15, 2002

Emphasizing the abilities of a “boutique-level” of qualified staff, Gamil created an identity for Rogers Word Service that speaks to their heritage of the typewriter in a friendly, contemporary setting for their expert capabilities.

New Catalog System and Apparel for Layers

June 15, 2002

Layers, a nationally distributed brand specializing in outdoor apparel and underwear, came to Gamil looking for a new branding system for its product line for Fall 2002. The resulting materials speak to the clients first-rate materials and great sensitivity to color. Included in this work was the addition of new item to the line, the Roundhouse shirt, featuring wicking materials and casual style.

Product Offering Highlighted for Tri-Path Imaging

May 15, 2002

Tri-Path Imaging came to Gamil looking for a completely new approach to explaining its array of oncology imaging services to researchers and technical buyers. Gamil’s insight into the communication of this process reworked the materials into a simpler and more powerful understanding of their sophisticated offering.

Gamil Design Launches New Identity for Harnett County

April 15, 2002

Led by the Harnett County Economic Development Council, Gamil Design created a new logo and branding message for this county, whose county seat is in Dunn. The prime motivating elements of the new identity system was a message about economic opportunities, reinforced by the tag line “Strong roots. New growth.”

Gamil Design Contracted by UNICEF

February 15, 2002

With the intention of expanding their product offering, UNICEF (based in Geneva) has contracted Gamil to come up with new ideas on products and branding appropriate to the UNICEF mission.

Gamila Announces “The Teastick” as First Product Launch

November 21, 2001

Are they out of their minds? Making a beautiful tradition even more beautiful? In this market? Are they afraid of nothing? See the press release about this bold sculptural tea infuser.

Gamil Design Introduces its New Brand: Gamila

November 21, 2001

We announce the formation of our own brand! What could make us into branding experts even more than to launch our own? See press release. More info for Gamila is available on-line.

Gamil Design Launches New IDEAS Website

September 9, 2001

IDEAS, the leading authority on sporting goods trends has a new face thanks to Gamil Design.

Aly Khalifa Published in Sports-Expo

August 20, 2001

Aly responds to an editorial about the struggle to find rejeuvenating concepts for the sporting goods industry. His response is entitled “The Next New Thing: Part II.” For non-members, the text of the article is available. More info for Sports-Expo is available on-line.

Aly Khalifa Exhibits at ISPO

July 25, 2001

As Executive Members of the select IDEAS network of international sporting goods designers, Gamil Design exhibited its latest work and collaborative visions of the coming 2002 season at the ISPO show in Munich, Germany. This exhibit included highly-attended catwalk fashion shows showing the group’s latest ideas about design trends geared towards their new apparel concept: Interactive.

Gamil Design Receives 8th Patent

July 3, 2001

The US Patent & Trademark Office issued design patent 6,253,935 with Tim Fletcher as sole inventor for “Articles, such as a nipple, a pacifier or a baby’s bottle” This work was done on behalf of a new venture by Gamil Design and Dr. Konstantin Anagnostopolous for a new technology called, MadeLikeMom Technology, which is expected to revolutionize the world of infant nursers and pacifiers into a product line of more dynamically-anatomical products.

Gamil Design Published in The Triangle Business Journal

June 15, 2001

Kim Nilsen covers the history and philosophy of Gamil in this Small Business Profile entitled “Tracking Business by Design.” Read the article.

Aly Khalifa Published in WGSN

March 15, 2001

Danielle Sellwood requested responses to questions on the future of sporting goods from a few designers around the world, and turned Aly’s response into an article by itself. This article is available on-line through a subscription to

Gamil Design Receives 7th Patent

February 9, 2001

The US Patent & Trademark Office issued design patent #D437,415 with Aly Khalifa as sole inventor for an “Ornamental Design for a Vision Screener” This work was done for a prestigious client of Gamil’s, Titmus Optical, who is one of the world’s largest suppliers of both vision screeners and safety eyewear.

Gamil Design Exhibits at ISPO

February 8, 2001

As part of the select IDEAS network of international sporting goods designers, Gamil Design exhibited its latest work and collaborative visions of the coming 2002 season at the ISPO show in Munich, Germany.

Gamil Design Receives 6th Patent

November 14, 2000

The US Patent & Trademark Office issued patent #6,145,141 with Aly Khalifa as co-inventor for a “Portable Mosquito Net Apparatus and Method of Securing to a Bed.” This work was done for a long-term client of Gamil’s named Tropical Safety Research, who is already marketing these devices to help prevent the spread of insect-borne disease to humans.

Aly Khalifa named as Vice President of IDEAS

October 1, 2000

After just three years as a member of this Europe-based fashion forecasting group, Aly has been elected as the only US member to serve on the executive board. IDEAS is comprised by a select, international group of designers that meet several times a year to discuss trends in sporting goods design. They are known for their trend and color forecasting work, which is primarily exhibited at ISPO in Munich twice a year. They are sponsored by many of the bigger names in the sporting goods industry, including ISPO, Meryl, and 3M. IDEAS site.

Aly Khalifa Leads Panel Discussion at the SportsLab Show

June 12, 2000

Imagine being able to race via internet with a friend in another hemisphere – each of you on your own treadmill – seeing and hearing the competition all around you. Now imagine seeing both of your images racing live at the Olympics with world-class sprinters.It is only a matter of time until we take fitness and games and unite them into the exciting synergy of sport. Panel Discussion Outline.

Silver Award Neenah Paper Contest

January 15, 1999

The identity package for Bloodhound Software, Inc. won a silver award for it’s design. Incidentally, Classic Crest was the paper used for that identity package.

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